Jesus gets our lives because he was human, too.


Jesus was

wrongly judged
a refugee
& canceled.

He gets

US He Gets Us

Have you ever experienced frustration? Sorrow? Temptation? So has Jesus.

Jesus understood what life was like for people in his day -- especially for the marginalized.

He was drawn to those on the fringes because he was one too: An immigrant. Homeless. Arrested. Bullied.

Through it all, Jesus welcomed outcasts, stood up for women, hung out with troublemakers, even befriended enemies.

He did it because of his radical love, empathy, and acceptance for all of us.

Given today’s increasingly divisive and mean-spirited world, we’re all seeking something better.


What if Jesus is the example we’re searching for?
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Jesus’ radical compassion stands in stark contrast to all current hate and intolerance.


Which is why his teachings, the way he lived, and what he stood for, still provide such inspiration today.

A A A Man Anxiously stands in hallway

Jesus suffered anxiety.

If work, family or just life have you feeling stressed, you’re not alone. Jesus knew anxiousness too.

The night before he died, Jesus anguished over his future. He asked his friends for support, but they let him down.

That night, Jesus modeled a radical new pathway to peace and comfort for the anxious.


Jesus was in broken relationships.

Friends who encourage risky behavior, gaslight us, or talk behind our backs. A trusted partner taking advantage of us emotionally, sexually, or financially. Broken relationships can be caused by many things.

Even a simple disagreement with someone can lead to feelings of self-doubt, or escalate into serious issues.

If you’ve had relationship problems, you’re not alone. Jesus did too.


Jesus knew loneliness.

Feelings of rejection and discord hurt a little more when friends and family gather this time of year. Jesus could relate.

Jesus challenged norms and shared new ideas. When he did, people often disagreed, argued, and turned away from him. He was cancelled.

During these times of division and isolation, Jesus revealed a radical approach to emotional healing, recovery, and resolution.


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