Believe it or not, Jesus understood anger. And he knew how to channel surmounting rage into positive change. If you feel your own fuse burning low, take a breath, and consider how Jesus might’ve approached the situation.

Jesus gave us many examples for how to deal with petty frustrations like getting cut off in traffic or being slighted by a friend. He never sought revenge but always approached his adversaries with love and compassion.

However, Jesus also showed us that anger can sometimes be a sign that something is unjust. If you’re deeply angered by injustice in your community, look to his example.

When Jesus saw merchants peddling goods in the Temple, he knew something was wrong. They’d turned a place of worship into a place of personal gain, and their activities made it difficult for people to come and pray. Jesus didn’t sit back and watch. He turned over their tables, shared harsh words, and drove them out of the temple. In this instance, his righteous anger led to positive change.

Jesus knew the difference between needless anger and purposeful anger. If you’re feeling frustrated, because you’ve been personally provoked or inconvenienced, take a beat to calm down. But if your anger points to something that hurts others, don’t let it fester. Consider peaceful, productive actions that could make things right.

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