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How did Jesus deal with injustice?

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No matter what we think of Christianity, most people can agree on one thing. During his lifetime, Jesus set a pretty good example of peace and love. And it’s not like he had an easy life.

He faced insurmountable controversy. So often, he was the target of unjustified hate. How did he stifle his outrage?

Sometimes, he didn’t. Jesus channeled his anger in defense of others when it really mattered. When he saw opportunists taking advantage of the poor, he confronted them without hesitation. But he knew how to pick his battles. Once, a group of men spit in Jesus’ face, struck him, and slapped him, and yet, he did nothing to retaliate.

Living today, it’s hard to imagine how he swallowed his rage. We’ve all noticed our blood boiling when politics come up in conversation, and we’ve felt the temptation to lash out on social media. It seems that every day, we’re faced with something new to fight about. Even though our anger is often justified, it’s taken a toll on our ability to engage with one another. And honestly, it doesn’t feel good.

By telling this story, we reminded ourselves that even when we’re tested and trolled, we have the option of rising above.

Scripture References: Matthew 5:38-48, Luke 22:47-53, Mark 12:13-17
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