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How did Jesus step over barriers of race, gender, and stigma on the side of the road?

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On a route between two cities, Jesus passed through Samaria. Most Jewish people would have gone around to avoid it, but Jesus went right through. While there, he had an incredibly important conversation with a woman who never would have expected to speak with him because he was Jewish, because he was a man, and because she was a bit of an outcast. The woman was totally caught off guard. To her, Jesus was a man who was breaking all sorts of boundaries to talk to her. To him, it seems she was worthy of so much more respect and kindness than anyone ever showed her. It might not seem like much, but this unlikely conversation set the stage for Jesus to live out and share his message of radical love and selflessness and to invite the most unlikely of people to play a part in it all.

Scripture References: John 4:1-42
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