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Is this a campaign to get me to go to church?

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He Gets Us simply invites all to consider the story of a man who created a radical love movement that continues to impact the world thousands of years later. There are many churches and Christian groups that can help people who are spiritually open to understand more about who Jesus was and why his words and life are relevant today.

Whether you consider yourself a Christian, a believer in another faith, a spiritual explorer, or not religious or spiritual in any way, we invite you to hear about Jesus and be inspired by his example.

For some people, that inspiration might evoke curiosity about what Jesus taught. Some might even want to have a conversation with someone about spirituality or join a local class about the Christian faith at a local church. And so, we offer those options, but that’s not our mission.

Some people will want to read accounts of Jesus’ life from the Bible at their own pace and on their own terms. We have reading plans that make that possible too. But there are never any strings attached.

We hope to be the voice of a movement — of people who have considered his story and found it deeply and personally transformational. For some, it has been a religious experience, and for others, it’s simply a call to strive to love others better.

No matter what your response is to his story, we encourage you to explore it from a new perspective.