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Jesus felt pressure to be a good example, too.

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Christians believe Jesus lived a perfect life. For others, that’s hard to believe. As we searched for themes to share, it became apparent to us that Jesus set a high bar for himself and for others. He taught things such as: love your enemies, forgive those who’ve intentionally wronged you, and don’t judge others. Easy in theory. Tougher in practice.

We realized that it must not have been easy for him to practice what he’d preached. When he was being mocked, surely, he was tempted to belittle his persecutors. When he was betrayed by a close friend, he could have berated him publicly. Ultimately, when he was being crucified, he didn’t condemn his accusers or executioners. He forgave them.

When we realized how hard it must have been, even for Jesus, we recognized that he faced similar pressure to be a good example as we do today.

It’s tough to always set the right example for our kids or friends or neighbors. Fortunately, there are many people trying hard and doing a great job at it. We tried to celebrate all those who are striving to pass the good onto others, to recognize the joy of being a positive role model, all the while acknowledging the challenge and struggle it is to always be on your best behavior.

Scripture References: John 13:12-17, Matthew 5:38-40, Luke 22:47-53