We all deal with rejection. Whether you’ve been turned down for a job, ghosted after a first date, or even cast out by your own family, Jesus understands. He dealt with rejection, too.

Jesus grew up in a village called Nazareth. It was a small town, a place where everyone knew their neighbors. He loved it there, but like many of us, he soon ventured out.

As an adult, he traveled the countryside visiting places where he was praised and respected for his message of hope.

But like many of us, he longed for home. After a while, he traveled back home in hopes that he could minister to the people he loved most. But when Jesus returned to Nazareth, he wasn’t met with open arms. When he tried to preach his message, his community scoffed. They didn’t believe that he was who he claimed to be. They saw him as a regular kid, the son of Mary and Joseph, nothing special.

Jesus challenged them, but that only made it worse. His people were angered, scared. They even threatened to throw him off a cliff, and in the end, he was forced to leave.

Jesus must’ve been crushed, but he walked away with his head held high. Even in the face of rejection, he believed in his message and believed in himself.

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