If you have an open heart for all people, you’re in good company.

Jesus was radically inclusive. He went out of his way to care for the people society rejected. He befriended the vulnerable like people with disabilities, sex workers, and historically oppressed ethnic communities. He even treated women as equals in a time when such behavior was unheard of. Once, Jesus was dining in the home of a prominent Pharisee, and during the meal, he instructed the host to invite people who could not repay him to the table.

Jesus was criticized for dining with sinners, but he didn’t let that stop him. He searched them out to invite them to eat and talk with him. He befriended military oppressors, tax collectors, and violent nationalists in the hopes that his hospitality would fill them with compassion.

His love was so radical, it even violated the law.

The powerful and wealthy were threatened by Jesus, because they benefited from a system that held down certain groups of people. These rulers didn’t just fight against Jesus. They killed him. They did their best to silence his message of radical inclusion, but it still resonates today.

If you’ve forgotten the power of accepting everyone, remember it now. Invite everyone you meet into your heart.

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