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How to rep the movement

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If you’re here, chances are you’re on a journey to know more about Jesus. Some of us consider Jesus to be God. Some of us are just inspired by the man he was and the life he led. No matter where you are (or aren’t) when it comes to faith, if you find his story compelling, we invite you to join us. He Gets Us wants to reclaim the story of his radical love movement. Here are a few simple ways to do that:

1.) Get gear. You can have a shirt, or a hat, or all sorts of other cool stuff. It isn’t free, but it doesn’t cost money. You’ll notice our prices are “forgive someone,” or “love your neighbor,” or “welcome a stranger.” If you can do that, we can cover the cost — even the shipping.

2.) Pay for it. He Gets Us wants to show a Jesus who would never want his name used to judge, harm, and divide. But we aren’t here to argue or fight with anyone. We believe your radical and confounding love for others is far more powerful. So once you’ve ordered your swag, share the love in whatever form you choose to pay for it. Forgive someone. Welcome a stranger in your community or neighborhood. Show your enemy some love. And whatever you do, tell us about it.

3.) Share it. Once you’ve received your gear, post an image on Instagram or Twitter, and tell us the story of your payment. We hope to curate thousands of stories of love shared through this movement. Those simple acts are worth every penny to us. Don’t forget to add #HeGetsUs so we can see you.

4.) Watch this space. We plan to turn this site into a place where you can discover lots of new ways to connect with us and help us share the radical love story of Jesus with others. We promise to keep the content fresh and worthy of your time. If you have any suggestions or content ideas, send them to us at info@hegetsus.com.