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Who is paying for all of this?

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We get it. This is a unique effort, so we understand why this is one of the most common questions asked. 

Funding for He Gets Us comes from a diverse group of individuals and entities with a common goal of sharing Jesus’ story authentically. 

Most of the people driving He Gets Us, including our donors, choose to remain anonymous because the story isn’t about them, and they don’t want the credit. It’s about Jesus, who created a love movement that is still inspiring many people thousands of years later. 

The people pouring their time, energy, and money into this mission have come to the conclusion that this endeavor could be the catalyst of a movement toward unity for all of us. 

And in spite of our political differences, in spite of our ideological origins, in spite of all the things that could divide us, we have found a beautiful kinship in the inspiration we draw from the story of Jesus and the power of his life.